Computrainer, MacOS, and Zwift

Here’s my setup:

Zwift software launcher 1.0.23, game 1.0.49821

Computrainer with Racer Mate 8002 Head Unit

2019 MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.15.4 and FTDI firmware v. 2.4.2

Stereo jack-to-FTDI USB cable (plugged into EXT PC port on Computrainer head unit and USB-C port on MacBook using USB-A to USB-C adapter)

Garmin speed/cadence sensor (ANT+)

Wahoo TICKR HRM strap (ANT+)

Garmin Edge 520 Plus running firmware v. 5.40

I’m new to Zwift and could use help getting the app to recognize my Computrainer. I’ve followed the instructions on the Zwift setup and troubleshooting pages. The Mac sees the FTDI device.

However, Zwift does NOT see the Computrainer no matter what I do. Instead the Zwift app goes to Bluetooth or ANT+ setup and doesn’t see any devices. I have tried all four USB ports on the Mac; rebooting all devices; pedaling fast, pedaling slow; and uninstalling/reinstalling the firmware, but no joy.

Thanks in advance for troubleshooting clues.

Bump…still looking for clues. My 1-week trial will end in a couple of days, and I can’t continue if I can’t get this to work. Thanks!