Computrainer on macbook pro Catalina OS

Anyone have success getting zwift to work with computrainer on a mac running Catalina OS? I have a computrainer that has worked fine using serial to USB adapter (FTDI chipset) on a windows machine. But, have had no luck on a macbook. Zwift running works fine on the macbook.

Latest FTDI driver has been installed.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Paul_McGinnis_DIRT

Have you read through our how-to article on the Support Hub?

I have, thanks.

Unfortunately the troubleshooting section is fairly out of date in terms of latest OS.

I had tried several different methods, drivers and cables to try to get Computrainer on Mac. Never could get it to work after mac was updated to latest OS.
Ended up running it on a PC and works fine
Good luck