Computrainer Chipset Requirement and Connecting to Zwift

Is the Computrainer’s chipset 45.43 required for connecting to Zwift?

I am trying to connect my Computrainer via MacBook Air with Mojave 10.14.6 OS and it consistently disconnects once I enter game mode. I am using the stereo jack to FTDi USB cord to connect the Computrainer’s handlebar controller to my Mac, but it’s not staying connected. I can only guess it’s the old firmware in my controller that is causing this issue. I submitted a ticket, but I haven’t been able to obtain an answer from support yet. Any insight or verification regarding the chipset requirement would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I used a Computrainer on Mac in past with no problems on Zwift. Then after updating to latest Mac software it started stuttering, quitting and other issues.
I tried different drivers, reloading software but still same issue. My head unit has the 45.43 chip
Switched over to PC and no problems. Kept using Computrainer until recently upgrading to newer trainer.

@Ken_Smith_9074 welcome to Zwift forums.
Not familiar with that level of detail on the Computrainer, but wondering if have you installed the right driver for it?

I did install the correct USB driver as per the Zwift provided link.

I just bought an old one, it’s got 25.43 chip. Seems to work fine with Zwift. I’m on Windows10