MacBook Air / Computrainer issues

 I’m an avid Zwifter - 6k+ miles this year.  I’ve been running the same exact set up all year, but had issues today.  Computrainer Pro with a MacBook Air.

For some reason Zwift did not recognize my Computrainer this morning.  It’s odd as it worked fine yesterday morning.  Typically when I plug the USB adapter into the laptop it lights up and you see the Computrainer on the Controllable Smart Trainer.  Today, I plugged the adapter into the USB drive and the adapter initially lit up but went blank when fully placed into the driver.  Zwift never recognized the Computrainer.  I placed it into another USB driver and still had the same response. 

Driver issues or adapter issues? 

Have a look here and see if that helps -–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

I’ve had similar issues last couple weeks; which only seem to occur if I don’t plug in the USB adaptor right away (i.e. the pairing screen has been up for a minute or more before I plug it in). Once that happened, even restarting Zwift and/or my computer would not work. Eventually got it working by unplugging the USB adaptor while the pairing screen was up and searching; and then plugging it back in. Weird, but true…

We looked up Computrainer metrics, and there hasn’t been any significant drops in miles that would point to there being a game issue (in fact, it’s gone up), so this is likely setup specific.

I’d definitely recommend going through the tips in the article Ray linked above, and if you already have a support ticket in our system, we’ll also help you troubleshoot there.