computrainer not found

I have been using my computrainer with tour de giro with no problems. Zwift, however did not find my CT. Any suggestions? There is only a red flash on the usb and no green to indicate an open communication.

You won’t need the USB dongle, pull it out. Just turn your CT on but don’t open RM1. Just work off your controller.

  1. If you want to calibrate, do it before you log on to Zwift.
  2. Open Zwift and you’ll come to a screen NO ANT+ or something like that.
  3. Click OK
  4. Log-in with your email address and password > OK
  5. Paired Devices Screen
  6. Search POWER
  7. It should find your CompuTrainer > OK
  8. It’ll go back to the Paired Devices Screen > OK
  9. Click JUST RIDE
  10. Start pedaling!

This did not work for me, any idea why? I have 8 trainers and zwift can’t find any.