New to Zwift. Need help with computrainer.

I have a computrainer and from what I read I don’t need a ant++ dongle, I have down loaded Zwift made an account hooked my computrainer up correctly as far as I know, but I go to the page where it says miles ridden, pizza power etc, but yet there is nothing no courses or anything! Am I in the wrong place kinda confused maybe my computer didn’t down load correctly.can somebody help. Really like to get in on some Zwift action.

It’s tough to diagnose from what you’ve said but here are a couple of things.

It sounds a bit like you’ve logged into the website rather than into the game. When you start the game by clicking/double clicking on the game icon which you will normally find on you desktop the game will launch and you will need to login with the user id/password you created on the website. Once successfully logged on you will come to a pairing screen where your computrainer will be recognised as a controlled trainer and power meter. Once you have this step done click ok and on the next screen click just ride and then you will find yourself in the game on whichever course is active. Start pedalling!! Have fun