Zwift disconnecting computrainer

Hi, I’m trialing Zwift and have a computrainer that works flawless with the Racermate software. however wtih zwift, it pairs, then once in a race disconnects almost immediately, as if it does not like the data coming in. I have to unpair, then repair, then resume race, then it disconnects again.

This is on a Win10 system.

Also if I pedal real slow it connects, until a burst of acceleration. that kills the connection each time. I also tried the connection using ctANT+ as a middleware so that it feeds zwift the data from the computrainer instead of zwift talking directly to the computrainer and I had the exact same behavior.

Any ideas?

The RM1 software is using a wired cadence sensor and wired heart rate sensor, correct?

What are you using to bridge the connection?

I use ANT+ sensors with the ANT+ dongle for Zwift and for RM1 I just use the wired cadence sensor and unplug it when I use Zwift.


Thanks Ray.

At first I used the standard CT FTDI USB adapter and Zwift natively picks that up on Com3. But that started dropping as soon as I’d pedal hard.

(I don’t have the hardwired CT pulsar strap/HRM setup. I was trying to use a ANT+ HRM, but took that out of the equation and am just trying to get the CT alone to work with Zwift)

So after that didn’t work, I tried the ctANT+ solution that seems to act like a proxy to convert the hardwired FTDI info into an ANT+ signal. But it gave the same results.

Whenever it drops, my computrainer handlebar LCD goes from “PRO” to the normal number view.

After futzing with it for hours, I switched back to Racermate software, native USB, went for a 6 mile ride and it worked flawless.

You mentioned you unplug the wired cadence sensor for Zwift. In that case what setup are you using for Zwift to get the measurements and control the tension up/down hills on your CompuTrainer?

Computrainer on COMM 5 works flawlessly for me. Could there be a COMM port issue with another device. Change the COMM port and see what happens.

I use an ANT+ dongle that passes cadence and heart rate info to Zwift.

I don’t use anything in RM1 for heartrate.

Correction - you do not have to remove the wired cadence sensor for use in Zwift…

Well tried all the recommended drivers and com ports but still no luck.

I then tried PerfPro CT Smart with two ant sticks. What this did is perf pro takes the CT input and makes it ANT output. Then 2nd ANT stick is use by Zwift to pick up the PerPro CT ant output and it worked flawlessly in Zwift.

I can’t explain why others can directly connect their CT to Zwift via USB and Mine makes Zwift disconnect.

Anyways, for me it takes an extra $60 worth of hardware and software but it lets my CT work with Zwift. odd the racermate works fine and Zwift does not, but maybe it has something to do with my specific Windows 10 Rig…

Maybe this path will help others…

Another Datapoint… I did a test of ergvideo software and it worked flawlessly with USB connection just like the racermate software. Seems like Zwift has an issue with direct CompuTrainer over USB since two other trainer apps work fine. Ergvideo combined the USB input of the trainer with the ANT input of the HRM flawlessly.