Computrainer unpairing?Zwifr

I’ve been using Zwift since early beta versions with my Computrainer and a Win 10 equipped Alienware laptop.  The past couple of weeks, my Computrainer has “unpaired” with Zwift a number of time when I stopped pedaling.  I then had to navigate into the pairing screen to repair my Computrainer before I could ride again.  This has happened once while queing up for a group ride to start (I quickly was left behind), and other times when I stopped pedaling and pulled over for whatever reason.  My Computrainer  works fine with other software like Ergvideo, and the stereo cable is in good shape.  Has anyone else had this happen recently?  Anyone have any thoughts?  

Wich sort of computer trainer do you use ?

Double check the DIN cable.

Hi Ray.  That’s the first thing I checked.   The connections were sound,   The cable itself is run under a plywood platform on small risers that the CT is mounted to.  It is protected.  Since this is a new issue, and Zwift has no issue finding and pairing with the CT, I’m thinking the drop-outs are software and/or network related. 

BTW, and on an unrelated note, I’m looking for a used Puck optical cadence sensor if you know of anyone parting out a Computrainer.

Hope all is well.




I am also having this problem in addition to ERG mode not working any longer. I am using a Tacx Vortex Smart over ANT+. This setup has been working fine for 18 months. With the last update, v 1.0.24190, it broke.

Can’t help you on that trainer, this relates to CompuTrainers.

I’d still visually inspect the DIN cable.  A small nick can cause an intermittent short.  Waiting for an answer back on puck.


There are no pucks around at RaceMate at this time.  If they’re able to get some they’ll let me know.  I still think the ANT+ way is best.

Hi Doug - 

Just popping in here to add some information that you might find helpful.

We have not made any changes to the code that deals with the Computrainer in a year and a half at least, and certainly not in the last game update.

We have, however, seen issues like what you describe with our Computrainers here at Zwift. As far as we can tell, the head unit sometimes gets itself into a bad state, which results in either the Computrainer showing the NO SIGNAL status that you’re encountering, or not showing up as a selection in the pairing menu at all.

Unfortunately, we do not currently know why the head unit gets in this state or mode, and we don’t really have a reliable way of solving it - usually we just spend several minutes unplugging the USB and trainer and reconnecting everything a few times until the unit responds properly again.

That being said, we are aware of the issue and if we find the cause of it is something related to Zwift we will resolve it.

I hope this helps a little!

Thanks Ray, and Thanks Lindsay.   I’ve ridden a few days without dropouts.   I did follow Ray’s advice and checked all of the connections, and in particular the DIN cable, which seemed to be backing out of the receptacle on the load generator slightly.   Hopefully that was the problem, and all is resolved.  Thanks again.