Ant+, calibration + power discrepancy with Computrainer

(PK) #1

Hey all!
I was delighted to discover my computrainer would work with Zwift.
I have a couple of questions I hope someone might be able to help me out with.

  1. The heart rate strap for the computrainer has always been a bit hit and miss.
    If I disconnected that feature and got an extended usb cable and ant+dongle, would my Wahoo device I use for my Garmin watch pick it up?
  2. I’m happy to spend 10 minutes warming up and calibrating my computrainer before switching over to Zwift, but how is my calibration figure understood by Zwift?
  3. When I trialed the free version last year, I noticed there was an occasion where I was basically out of the seat grinding away but my apparent power was very low. Is there a typical issue for this.
    I can’t remember the exact details or circumstances, but I definitely recall it being a bit of a concern.
    If any advice is offered for the above, I’d be most grateful!
    Paul Kennedy

(John Larson (LAPT)) #2

1: Your Wahoo device should work well using the USB cable and an Ant+ Dongle.
2: The calibration is stored in the handlebar controller. Zwift just sends grade info to the computrainer, it’s up the the handlebar controller to convert that to resistance and then to measure power.
3: I have not experienced this issue, and I’ve been using my computrainer and Zwift since Zwift was in Beta testing.

(PK) #3

Thanks John!
I appreciate your help!