Is it possible to install zwift on android tv?

Just wanted to let people know that it is possible to install Zwift using the APKpure app in the Nvida Shield (maybe other Android TV boxes too). You’ll have to download and install APKpure (either download the apk to a pc and transfer via usb drive, or download from a web browser in the Shield).

You’ll also need ES File Explorer and Sideload launcher (both of these are in the Play store). ES File Explorer is for installing the APKpure app (you may have to allow ES explorer to install third-party apps), and once it is installed you have to use the Sideload launcher to run APKpure.

Once in APKpure (it is like an appstore for free apps), you can search for Zwift (it is the one that says unreleased). Then download and install it from there (and you’ll probably have to allow APKpure to install apps from third-party sources).

Once Zwift is installed, you’ll have to run it from the Sideload launcher. I confirmed that it ran, and I was able to log in, and pair my trainer.

The downside is having to download and install a third-party app store. But the upside is that you don’t have to worry about copying the .obb directory each time you install and update.


Thanks! I finally got it to work using that app. I had been using a similar App called Aptoide (or similar), but it didn’t install the Obb file & no matter how carefully I manually did it I got stuck.

Using the phone all you have to left click to grab the page & then swipe. That had me a while.

I shall sign in fully on Saturday to use my 7 day free, but it looks good for now. Hopefully they will officially support the Shield & high powered android TVs soon.

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Support for this and other cheaper android TV would be a massive advantage to those of us that don’t want to move our office into the garage or our trainer into the office. Chromecast is working OK from my zony Z5 but i need a second phone for the companion app.

Qualcuno mi sa dire che televisore devo acquistare per utilizzare l’a

Cheaper Android TV boxes are not good enough to run Zwift. Nvidia shield is not cheaper than Apple TV 4k. It doesn’t make much sense yet. Maybe in the feature when Android TV boxes specs will catch up with modern times.

There don’t seem to be any powerful android boxes yet. I don’t mind paying the same price as the Apple TV but everything else I have is windows, android or chrome and I’d prefer to keep to the same systems. Raspberry Pi4 would be a great cheaper alternative but not sure how the graphics stack up. Even Zwift marketing their own box would be cool for those that don’t already have a device they can use and it would make it much easier for them compatibility wise.

Google Stadia online platform might also be a nice option.

I have been successful using an MHL connection from my z5 but limits sound output to zwift. No using a music player in the background as far as I can work out.

Hello, i was trying to install Zwift on my Sony TV, but i cannot proceed. What is current best option to connect Zwift via smart TV? thanks for ur feedback

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Run Zwift on your Mac/PC/Tablet/Cell. phone and connect it to your TV.
I’ve made some tests on Amazon Fire TV 4k latest stick by installing the android apk package, but unfortunately the device comes with too low specs.
So your best chance probably is to run Zwift on separate device connected to your TV. There is also Apple TV box, probably the cheapest solution if you do not have PC, Mac or any other device to run Zwift.

I would 100% use zwift on Android TV if it was available it’s on apple TV why not android TV?

Hi there… it passed more than a year now, but have you managed to install and run Zwift correctly on the Xiaomi Mi Box S? The specs indicates that the app should run fine… my phone has lower specs and it run Ok… what prevented you from installing the app? It won’t appear on the Play Store App… give you some error on installing or running? Thanks



I tried with APKpure. Didn’t work. Zwift doesn’t show up when i search in the apps.

Is there maybe an extra step to take?



Try APKMirror.