Is it possible to install zwift on android tv?

Good point, the Shield TV app on your mobile device could be a good substitute, will try both and can report back here if one proves far better than the other in the future.

In other news, Zwift Android v1.0.61279 is a major update in our favor - I can now connect my controllable smart trainer with ANT+ FE-C, and Sterzo steering!

Decided not to have my TdZ Stage 5 as the test ride, but gave it a shot right after. Took a couple goes at reconnecting sensors, ensuring location was enabled in Android and for the Zwift app, a couple force stops, etc, but in the end it works!

For anyone who went through my prior steps posted 21-Dec, keep in mind you’ll need to update the Zwift app to latest manually. Go back to your Android tablet and update to latest Zwift from official Google play store. Open the app on tablet, which will ensure the .obb is updated to same version. Exit the game, force stop if you must, harvest that latest .obb from the tablet (it will have the latest version number in the .obb file name) and then download the latest .apk from apkmirror or wherever you prefer.

Get those files on a USB drive, install the latest .apk on the Shield. Then you must move the .obb into the Android file system again (I deleted the old one too), then run Zwift. Took a while the first time to unpack everything again, but eventually gets to the start screen, already logged into my account. Had to go through sensor pairing again as I said above, but who cares - it works!!!

Now if Zwift team would just put this on the Android TV Google Play app store we’d really have something… :pleading_face:

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Thanks for this, Shaun.

I’d got Zwift set up and running on my Shield 2017 some months ago but, as Piotr suggests, I’ve always used the Shield TV app on my phone to launch and navigate around Zwift. I launch Zwift on the Shield straight from the app tray in the Shield TV app on my phone so no need to go into settings and launch from there. I also use the APKPure app on the Shield to keep Zwift up-to-date as it manages any and all downloads and installations - no need for harvesting and moving .obb and .apk files …it almost takes the fun out of it!

Despite being on the latest version of Zwift, I’ve not yet managed to get my controllable smart trainer (Elite Qubo Smart B+ wheel-on) to connect with ANT+ FE-C - only ever through Bluetooth. Not a biggie as I can’t imagine ANT+ FE-C controlling my trainer any better than Bluetooth but I do have to manually pair the trainer’s Bluetooth control each session - it’s only 3 swipes and taps in the Shield TV app though. Also, I seem to have far less connection problems than my fellow virtual cycling club members who insist on using Apple TVs which only connect through Bluetooth so run out of connections and have to rely on bridging through the companion app to link up all their sensors.

Anyhow, this is all the very next best thing to having the app truly supported on the Shield.