Is it possible to install zwift on android tv?

if yes which tv?

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I have successfully installed it over Nvidia Shield TV. But you need to manually install it, it’s not on the store


I did not succeed with the Xiaomi Mi TV box :sleepy:


Blockquote I did not succeed with the Xiaomi Mi TV box :sleepy:

Too bad!
The tv box is the standard one or the “S” version?

This one : Xiaomi Mi Box TV, the standard version I guess.
I’m waiting for an update of the beta version of Zwift

I see the specs of “S” version, the only difference seems the OS: Android TV 6.0 vs Android 8.1 in “S” version
In the Nvidia Shield TV the OS is Android 7

I upgraded to the Android 8.1 version

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So let’s wait some news from zwift dev…

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Did it work ok on the Nvidia shield

Hello all,
I played the Zwift Companion app on my Android Nokia 8 Phone and casted this to my Philips OLED 55 screen. I did not ride yet but just watching was great….

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How are you moving the first 3 pages when first installed. I can’t get the page to scroll through the pages. Then how are you selecting the normal phone touch screen options.thanks

Hi, i have it up and running on my shield.

  • downloaded the zwift app (apk) on a android mobile phone and installed it on that device. When installing it creates a .obb file of around 350 mb.
  • wetransferred the files via my nas to the android folder on the shield.
  • you have to place it in the same folder names and file name as it is on your android phone
  • then installed it on my shield via the apk. Just click it to install
  • it then succesfully installs
  • you have to insert a usb mouse to navigate but works perfectly
  • i use the companion app on my iphone, so that combination with shield and iphone also works

I do not know how to do updates in the future if i have to repeat these steps or there is a easier update process.

Lets hope it will be available via the normal play store soon.


Hi Edwin,
Are you talking about Nvidia shield TV?
If so, how good is graphics running and frame rate?

I think I cycled around 5 times now. Total around 150km and for me the experience is more then good enough.

Once or twice i had a few 100 meters that where a bit skippy, but that could also be the internet connection.

How can i see frame rate? Or can i post a video than i can make a short one so you can see for yourselve.


Thanks Edwin,
That’s great news!
Are you on 1080 or 720?
When there are other cyclists around you… are you experience smooth ride?
Do you have the new shield TV 2018 ?
If you could create a video that would be great!
Thanks mate!

Here a short video of the start up, picking up the trainer and the cadence sensor and a few meters ride.


It looks very promising!

Keep posting your experiences on shield…

Ride on!

I will, i saw that the youtube video embedded was only playing at 360p, but think that was my browser. The video looks better on my iphone where i filmed it with.

Happy holidays!

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Hi Edwin, thanks for the information. So on the first time it loads there is the 3 pages to scroll across. Do you use the mouse and click on the red spots or click and drag them a across. Thanks for the video

Click and drag. And is indeed only on first boot.