Zwift on Android TV

I know there’s a thread of people porposing all kind of work arounds to get Zwift installed on Android TV. Unfortunately, none of the mentioned methods worked for me. The Android TV in use is the newest generatoin of a Minix Neo T5 4K, which from the specs should be easily capable to run zwift. All the methods described, seem to not work as there’s some incompatibility with the ABIs of the OS (that’s what I received from the APK installer)

I hope to get here feedback from the Zwift team on the roadmap for a realease of the app on the Android TV.

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Hi @Lucky_Luke3 welcome to Zwift forums
There are no plans to support Android TV at this time.

We continue to add more support for Android smarphones & tablets, however. This next release should have a bit for Android that we’ve been working on for some time. Stay tuned for the next game release announcement.

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Hi @shooj,
i’m using the Xiaomi Mi Box S (also suitable for 4k) and i switched from another App to Zwift. I’m also very interested in a version for Android TV. I guess there are many other users because it is very comfortabe to use Android TV instead of a tablet which has to be attached to the TV before every training session. Is there a possibility to start a poll to get a number of intrested user? If there is a huge number of users it could be worthy for you to release a Android TV Version.

Thanks in advance and regards,