Please add android tv support

Hi everybody and Zwift,

Most users of Zwift prefer to use this application on a big screen, it’s more fun, easier to see and more immersive.
For this reason Zwift should really be targeting the Android TV platform for compatibility.

I just got a new Sony Bravia Android TV only to learn that I can’t even install Zwift.
Mirroring your phone screen is a very poor way to run any app and it comes with a whole bunch of issues.

Please everybody who wants to see Zwift compatible with Android TV platforms, including Sony, LG, and all set top boxes - please bump this thread and drop your thoughts.

Thank you

I doubt that android TV has enough processing power to do a decent job to utilize the big screen. If you want 4K ultra graphics then you will need to invest in a PC with a good GPU.

Your response makes little to no sense. Zwift runs on Android phones and iPhones, Runs on some Android set top boxes with workarounds.
Android TV firstly is the modified OS (not the hardware), the hardware is the driver. Many high resource demand games work perfectly fine on various Android TV devices and Android phones.
I also never indicated that native 4k should be a mandate, it can easily be upscaled like many Android apps on Android TV, if there was a GPU limitation, most games allow variable graphics and that’s exactly why many Android devices of all different specs can still accommodate the same games.

Again this app is perfectly capable of running on Android TV the issue is that the APK isn’t signed for this variant of Android. Yet…

I have not looked at all the Android TV specs but those that I looked at had a slow CPU and not a lot of ram.

I am just thinking if you have a 4k tv why would you run low resolution graphics. But that is just my opinion.

I am sure if Zwift could make it on work on Android TV then they would, that will bring more users to the platform, and that is the goal

I’d imagine the Nvidia Shield Android TV is more than capable of running the Zwift app and that would be great to see it happen.

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Yes the Shield can run zwift if you side load it. see this post. Works on nVidia Shield TV

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