Official Nvidia Shield TV support

Come on Zwift, many people have been waiting for official support on the Nvidia Shield TV platform for several years already. It should be unnecessary for people to use work-arounds to install Zwift on the Nvidia Shield TV like today. It should instead be possible to install Zwift directly from the play store on the Nvidia Shield TV. Menu control should be provided by both the wireless remote and/or the gaming controller sold seperately.

If you do not add official support for Zwift on the Nvidia Shield TV anytime soon I will seriously consider to terminate my membership.

The shield just runs Android right? Can’t be that difficult for them to add or am I missing something?

I guess there are probably very few shields out there and probably isn’t worth Zwifts efforts (if more work than simply enabling it)

Can anyone confirm if the.nvidia shield actually works (even if unofficially). If it does work, how is the performance? Comparable to apple TV 4k?

Yes, but only if you sideload the Zwift app. Zwift is not available for download directly from the Play store on the Nvidia Shield TV. Every time there is an important update of the Zwift app you have to reinstall it as it doesn’t automatically update if it were officially supported.

Yes, it works and the performance is on par with a non-4K Apple TV.

Thank you