Zwift on NVIDIA Shield Pro TV - anyone?

This may have been asked before, but I can’t find any reference. Has anyone had any luck lately running Zwift on NVIDIA Shield TV Pro? The online documentation asserts that it can run games like Fortnite so I am thinking this might be a nice compact option.

Any thoughts or experience with this would be welcome?

Some people have been able to do it via hack job methods of copying apk files and other files from an Android phone / tablet, others have tried the very same steps and failed. It seems very hit and miss. I do believe there is a request to add Android TV support.

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Thanks @MatthewB. Seems no material change on the part of Zwift. Really disappointing given that developing software for iOs is harder than developing software for 'Droid.

Dumb question: hasn’t the Shield got access to Play Store for installing Zwift?

Android TV is similar to regular Android except things like display ratios and some other tweaks, it does use the play store, but i presume apps are tagged differently to be specific for Android TV.

Zwift does not show up in the store in Android TV.

Damn so Android TV and not “pure” Android. Requires a bit of tweaking to get it working then indeed.

Pure in some sense, the underlying code base is pretty much the same, but tweaked for TV’s and devices like it. I have side loaded apps that claimed they were not compatible, and they worked just fine!

Check with XAPK

You can easy sideload these file to nvidia shiel