Zwift for NVIDIA Shield TV (Android TV)

As a feature Request I’d like to request that Zwift be developed for the NVIDIA Shield TV.  This device, as I am sure you are aware, is on par with the Apple TV 4k equipment and would allow Android Ecosystem Users the ability to get Zwift on the big screen with a small set top box similar to the Apple TV.


I have looks around and seem some posts and discussion about this but wanted to make an official feature request that could be up voted to show community interest.


Make sure you also vote up the existing request, here is a quick search I did for it:

Paul, I have up-voted all of the Nvidia Shield Posts I could fine.  Thanks.

Huge, huge +1 to this. I and most of my friends have Shield TV boxes. Seeing the diversity of heavy 3D titles on the platform, I find it difficult to believe that performance would be a blocking issue on Shield. Please, Zwift!

Not only make it availible to directly play on the shield. 
Make itpossible to stream zwift from a gaming computer to the shield as it is a superb gamestreaming box that can stream 4k HDR. All that is needed is to passthrough the BT/ant+ signals to host computer.

Been using a steam link for this purpose, since this can passthrough all ant+ signals via usb to host computer. But steam link is limited to 1080p non hdr.

Also look into making zwift availible on nvidias gamestream now that just was made availible not only on shield devices but on all PC:s. Allowing any old computer with availible bandwidth to be streaming 4k ultra settings…