Is it possible to install zwift on android tv?

(Thibaut) #21

If you don’t have mouse, you can also click and drag with the GamePad thanks to the right trigger by clicking it then do a right to left movement.
You can also use the Shield App’ with the Trackpad.

(Jose) #22


I have a Xiaomi Mi Box S Android 8.1, I downloaded the apk Zwift on the site apk mirror but I can not install it, an idea? On my tablet huawei mediapad m3 lite 10 on Android 7 it works fine. Thank you

(Bob) #23

This is really exciting, Zwift can allow access through the play store to specified target platforms like Nvidia Shield. for now I am ordering 2 mode devices for Zwift testing now!

(Bob) #24

Update: 45 minutes of Tinkering and Zwift is running in my Nvidia Shield!! too freaking cool!!

(Bob) #25

If you have an Android phone use the Google TV app as a mouse…

(D. Zidar) #26

Cheers Bob!
I’m glad to hear progress on shield :grinning:
Would you be so kind and post some details about experience on shield especially how smooth it runs when riding groups or racing…

(Thibaut) #27

Do you mean that now, you can download it directly from the playstore ?
I installed it too, but manually with .apk file and .obb file thanks to my phone.
I don’t run it on Shield cause lack of ant+ support…

(Har) #28

I can’t seem to get it working on my shield. I installed Zwift on my original pixel XL and got it up and running. I then backed up the APK and copied the obb files. I installed the apk on my shield tv. I copied over the obb files as well. When I try to open Zwift, it says “verifying download” and shows a status bar that goes across the screen. It then says “opening game”. A second later the screen turns blue, but then the app closes itself. I have tried multiple times with the same result.

(Maikel Maliepaard) #29

I think you need to enable app permissions in settings/apps/zwift/permissions. Then it will work

(Har) #30

Unfortunately I got the same result. It attempts to open, but fails.

(James) #31

T95Q Android 8.1 TV BOX 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Amlogic S905X2 Quad-core Cortex-A53 Bluetooth 4.1 HDMI 2.1 H.265 4K Resolution 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual Band WiFi 1000M Ethernet Video Player.

i was thinking similar if i purchased the above box or similar would it work with my smart trainer and zwift?