Is it possible to install zwift on android tv?

(Thibaut) #21

If you don’t have mouse, you can also click and drag with the GamePad thanks to the right trigger by clicking it then do a right to left movement.
You can also use the Shield App’ with the Trackpad.


(Jose) #22


I have a Xiaomi Mi Box S Android 8.1, I downloaded the apk Zwift on the site apk mirror but I can not install it, an idea? On my tablet huawei mediapad m3 lite 10 on Android 7 it works fine. Thank you

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(Bob) #23

This is really exciting, Zwift can allow access through the play store to specified target platforms like Nvidia Shield. for now I am ordering 2 mode devices for Zwift testing now!

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(Bob) #24

Update: 45 minutes of Tinkering and Zwift is running in my Nvidia Shield!! too freaking cool!!

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(Bob) #25

If you have an Android phone use the Google TV app as a mouse…


(D.) #26

Cheers Bob!
I’m glad to hear progress on shield :grinning:
Would you be so kind and post some details about experience on shield especially how smooth it runs when riding groups or racing…


(Thibaut) #27

Do you mean that now, you can download it directly from the playstore ?
I installed it too, but manually with .apk file and .obb file thanks to my phone.
I don’t run it on Shield cause lack of ant+ support…


(Har) #28

I can’t seem to get it working on my shield. I installed Zwift on my original pixel XL and got it up and running. I then backed up the APK and copied the obb files. I installed the apk on my shield tv. I copied over the obb files as well. When I try to open Zwift, it says “verifying download” and shows a status bar that goes across the screen. It then says “opening game”. A second later the screen turns blue, but then the app closes itself. I have tried multiple times with the same result.


(Maikel Maliepaard) #29

I think you need to enable app permissions in settings/apps/zwift/permissions. Then it will work


(Har) #30

Unfortunately I got the same result. It attempts to open, but fails.


(James) #31

T95Q Android 8.1 TV BOX 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Amlogic S905X2 Quad-core Cortex-A53 Bluetooth 4.1 HDMI 2.1 H.265 4K Resolution 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual Band WiFi 1000M Ethernet Video Player.

i was thinking similar if i purchased the above box or similar would it work with my smart trainer and zwift?


(David) #32

is it still only shield, apple tv or a pc/laptop if you want to avoid using your phone to run zwift?

If you run it on your phone I assume you can’t use the phone as the companion app and then cast the graphics to the tv simultaneously?

Just trying to work out how to get my new setup up and running as balancing my £1000 laptop on my wheelie bin next to me isn’t the way I want to ride!!


(Chris) #33

maybe buying a decent laptop stand might be your easiest/cheapest option?


(David) #34

you might be right there Chris

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(Eerke) #35

Did you ever get this to work? I have exactly the same result. Weird how it works for most other people.


(Har) #36

I have not been able to get it to work. It happens on both of my Shield TVs. I have both an original 2015 and a 2017. Neither of them are the Pro model. I have a 256gb Sandisk USB stick installed on both. Maybe that’s my problem. Even though the USB is supposed to replace the internal memory, maybe it doesn’t like running from USB.


(Eerke) #37

I have a 128Gb USB… it’s oretty common to use onboard storage though. I might try removing it.

I’ve tried reducing 4K to HD and HDR to standard. Still nothing different. I’ve killed the Tacx Training App. ANT services still running; do you have them? They must be working on ANT support though, so I’d be surprised if it was that.


(Rob) #38

Edwin, can you describe your sensor setup? What sensors are you using?

I’m trying to get my Shield to see my Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors but getting nowhere. I can’t get them to be seen either directly or through the companion app (also running on Android). It would be good to have an idea what you’re using. Do you have an ANT+ dongle in the Shield? Or are they BT connected? How close is your Shield to your sensors?

Thanks in advance…


(Edwin) #39

Hi Rob,

I did not anything special. My sensors are 1) the wahoo kickr core and 2) wahoo cadence sensor.

The wahoo kickr core is recognized after a few seconds. Mostly i have to wait for around 10 seconds before the cadence sensor is recognized.

It is via bluetooth, no ant+ dongle. Maybe the cadence is connected via the kickr core?



(Rob) #40

I think that’s likely. I just did some testing with a bike here at the office, and my phone loses connection to the Wahoo speed sensor if I get more than about 6 feet from the sensor. On the wind trainer i’ll have to put the speed sensor on the back wheel, so unless I want to point the bike away from the TV (and Shield) then i’ll have to use my phone to bridge the sensors to the app.