Is it possible to drop down a Cat?

Been training during the pandemic to hit the sharp end of Cat C so that one day I might dominate the Cat C… I can dream right?

Then last week I did a race on Bologna, it’s a 5miles course with the last 2km climbing about 198m at a 9.4% gradient. My intensity was at 98% and I ended up with a 3.4 w/kg. Needless to say, this is a one off event and no way can I hold that power for anything longer than 5 miles.

So now for Enforcement races, I can only race in Cat B and above. Is there anyway for me to drop back to Cat C ? If I manage < 3.0 W/kg for all my races, will this demote me ? I really want to go back to C, I don’t belong in B.

I did a Cat B race today and got dropped as soon as the road pitched up, had to TT the rest of the way home solo. Got an average of 3.0 W/kg.

I believe it is based off of your last 60 days of riding, so if you stay within category parameters, then you should be back in C 60 days after that event. Read more on how the category is calculated here: Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]


Thanks Oliver!

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cat enforcement do not use the wkg methodology that zwiftpower does for your cat, its based on your power curve and CP/MAP/Vo2max over a certain time so you must have triggered a value that took you over the threshold when you went up bologna, as its been pointed out the newer system uses 60 days data not 90 that zwiftpower does but you might drop back into C well before 60 days

It would be nice for zwift to actually show your power curve and/or CP value somewhere seeing as its based on all your rides on zwift and not just races like zwiftpower uses


If you do they’ll be fine, they usually land on their feet.


Probably worth reiterating that’s it’s not a 20min effort for cat enforcement races, so you can avg 3wkg for 60 days and still only have B available if you have a strong 1/5/8/10min efforts as it’s based on CP.

Your a B, embrace it and improve rather than trying to punch down and manage your output


i legit did not even notice that the cat system had changed lul

well my power >1min sux so good news for me heh heh heh