Is it possible to drop down a Cat?

I thought only my imagination had carried out this thought experiment. It’s nice not to be alone.

I corrected that weeks ago when I saw it and did the conversion to pounds. My bad. I changed my weight to my actual and true 149 lbs. I’m now thinking that my lower kg factored into my theoretical ability, skewing me into higher classification and cause the “UPG” in one of the columns in Zwift Power. Thank you for the help. I hope the minimum classification goes down soon. It’s very frustrating to be at my absolute limit and it’s not good enough to stick to watch others finish.

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Thank you for posting these figures. As Paul has pointed out your old ‘last year?’ Weight of 56.7kg is being used, in part, for some of your Peak Power numbers. This does affect your CE category calculation and I suspect because of this you are right on that cat B boundary.

Those weights will drop out on 13th and 20th February if you decide to do nothing else.

Above you mention the UPG you have on your ZwiftPower race record. I believe the reason is nothing to do with weight. At first glance it looks like you entered D cat races when you were a ZwiftPower C cat racer.

You are currently limited to race in A or B category under Category Enforcement. However if you find any ZwiftPower races that allow you to enter all categories then for now you should enter the C category.


FWIW, after being in cat B last year, I focused my training to more endurance power, lower power output over 1.5 - 2hrs instead of 30min power. Zwift dropped me back to C after about a month.