iPhone Displaying Black Bars

Hi, I am using an iPhone 10, and a bit confused as to why I cannot get a full screen display when using Zwift. This same iPhone displays full screen on other apps, Netflix etc. I can’t seem to get rid of the black bars on top and bottom. TV is about six years old, bought in 2014.

Attaching a picture of how it looks, if anyone has any suggestions, much appreciate. Thank you!

What method are you using to connect the iPhone 10 to the TV?

You may have to change your TV’s aspect ratio setting. (Normal, Wide, Stretch, Auto)

Typically iPads and iPhones when using the Lightning to HDMI adapter leave black bars on the sides not the top and bottom.

I am using the Apple lighting to HDMI connector. I tried the Zoom aspect ratio on the TV and it loses the sides of the image, so you can’t see the graphics on power, other riders etc.

In that case looks like you are going to have to live with it, Getting the full width of the Zwift screen on the full width of your display is the best you can do. Most TV’s won’t stretch vertical without also stretching horizontal which will clip the sides as you have experienced.

Same issue happens when people try to play an anamorphic 2.40:1 movie on a 16:9 TV, to fill the screen vertically requires cropping off the sides.

What you have will result in the best resolution/clarity because nothing is being scaled up or down.

Thanks for the confirmation Brian.