Iphone companion app

I see a lot of people are having issues with the apple watch companion app, but I seem to be having issues with the iphone companion app. I have the latest update on the iphone (13.1.3). Yesterday, I signed up for a group ride and only part of the ride was recorded and I could never get my companion app to stay ‘logged in’ to the current ride, it kept going back to the main menu.
I use a mac desktop with ant+ connected to wahoo kickr. Both devices (phone and computer) are on the same wifi, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed apps, and shutdown computer and phone.
I’ve never had any problems before but haven’t used the wahoo trainer since last winter. I’m not sure if this is a bug on zwift’s end or something on my end.

Yesterday my companion app(IOS#13.1.3 zwift companion app#3.8.1 updated 3 days ago) was unable to log on as well. It stayed on the login screen, and kept saying my password was incorrect. Today I logged on as normal without the need to use a password. Maybe some server side issues?
I was able to complete my ride on the PC like normal, but with no companion app(Sorry guys, no ride-ons).