Ipad memory filling up with 5GB ride files

Hi Im using the Ipad mini 2 with Powertap P1 pedals and wahoo tickr, both via bluetooth in my work gym on a spin bike. There is no wifi connection in the gym so i login before i go and save the ride when i return, which works fine and the ride is fully saved and uploaded to Strava. The problem is after each 1 hour ride a 5gb data file is stored to Ipad which soon fills the memory. Im assuming its cached data but there is no way to delete it. The only option is delete the app and reinstall it after every ride.

Any advice please?

Wow, that is interesting.  Can you open a support ticket so we can work directly with you and get a peek at which file is getting so huge?  I’m guessing it’s just full of network errors - we’ll have to add a throttle to those.

In the meantime I’ll try to run disconnected here and take care of whatever I see filling the logs.  Thanks for letting us know.


Hi Jon I already did that, Ticket (62879) when the file reached 10.8GB and was told to just delete the app and reinstall it. Which i did but after 1 ride i have 5gb data, i cant do that after every ride. If it is relevant i was doing the 60min Corby workout on both occasions.

Would you still like me to open another ticket?



Ok, no need to open another ticket.  I’ll see if we can sort this out for our next iOS app update, and will try and let you know when we think we have it resolved.

The forced close trick as suggested here deletes the data file. It has to be forced closed from the ready to ride screen at least 5 times.



Jon Mayfield Tuesday at 07:44

We’ve got a fix in our next iOS release which is set to come out soon.  If you spend significant time riding offline we end up logging way too many errors.

One way to clear it out a bit is to run Zwift, then ‘swipe kill’ the app, 5-10 times in a row.  Another is to go into your IOS storage settings and delete the data files for Zwift.

Once the new release comes out it will gradually delete the stale and bloated error logs on it’s own as well.

Hi the problem still occurs even after the latest update. I still have to force close 11 times to remove a 5-7Gb file after every one hour session.