Uploading ride just ow

I just finished a ride, and the internet crap out right as I was able to save it. I got it reconnected, but now it has been added to my profile on my iPad (I only know this because I needed 41km to get to 20,000km and that is what it is at), but it has been uploaded to Strava. I also checked my Zwift account online and it isn’t showing up there but it says I am at 20,000.5km.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The fit file on my iPad says, in progress.

If I read that right, you want it in Strava? If you can grab the in-progress version of your fit file and rename, you may be able to upload that. If that fails, then drop that file onto fitfiletools.com and most of those tools will be able to fix it for you.

Not sure how you grab fit files from Apple devices - google should be able to guide you on that one if needed.

There is a little icon of what appears to be a file in the upper right hand corner of on the home screen of the iPad. I can see all the past fit files, and send them to my email.

I attempt what you said, and get the following error message;

“The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.”

Oh thats a shame. Sorry, I dont think you have any further options.

Do you want to send me the file zwiftposts @ gmail . com and I will see if I can fix. Probably wont get any different result but may be worth a try.


There is the link to the ride in zwift, so it happened. But when I click on it to allow me to upload it to Strava it just sits on the loading page and doesn’t do anything.

I cant access your Fit File, only you can - on the screen like below, do you have the option to download it to your local device (and then email it to me?)