Downloaded fit file does not match activity distance

I’ve downloaded a fit file for my last activity to upload the Strava. However the file only shows my activity up to the point where my iPad battery died. I charged the iPad and resumed and finished the ride, and the activity as shown in my Zwift activity feed shows the full ride and correct distance (circa 24km) but when I download the fit file for this activity it’s circa 15km and matches the distance up to the iPad crash and the point where I resumed the activity.

Is this a known Zwift glitch? Any way to fix this and get the full file? Thank you

P.s. I wouldn’t even ask but it was Epic KOM and the bonus climb to the radio tower! :laughing:

From the description, you will very likely have two fit files that you could merge and upload to Strava (google / search “merge fit file tools”).

I dont think its a glitch as such but they could certainly put in some dev effort to tidying up fit files for these type of events when they provided the ability to continue a crashed ride. But whether that is a priority or even worth the effort for the Zwift team :man_shrugging: (and yes, for people impacted like you I know the answer :slight_smile: )