Rides Not Uploading To Garmin

Hi I am having problems getting my rides sync’d from Zwift to Garmin. I have tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it and it still didn’t upload 2 rides I did this evening - can someone help please

What was the distance of the rides?

The 1st ride I did was 1.59 then I ended that ride and changed and completed a 12.4 mile trip

This one was too short.

You can manually upload the second ride to Garmin if needed.

Yeah I have tried with fit file and it’s not recognising file

Where did you get the .fit file file from?

From iPad on Zwift app main menu - it’s as follows

2021-01-05-20-41-33.fit 0.2 KB We don’t support the file type you tried to import.

Have you tried getting it from my.zwift.com?

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Yeah that worked cheers how come it didn’t auto sync to my Garmin account

It sometimes happens.

Ok least I know i am new so apologies and thanks for help

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