iPad memory filling up fast!


Zwift currently taking up 17gb of storage on iPad mini. How do I delete ? 



Are you logging onto Zwift while connected to the internet and then running it off-line?

Here is a similar post about it: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115017473843-Ipad-memory-filling-up-with-5GB-ride-files


We’ve got a fix in our next iOS release which is set to come out soon.  If you spend significant time riding offline we end up logging way too many errors.

One way to clear it out a bit is to run Zwift, then ‘swipe kill’ the app, 5-10 times in a row.  Another is to go into your IOS storage settings and delete the data files for Zwift.

Once the new release comes out it will gradually delete the stale and bloated error logs on it’s own as well.

Although this forced closing trick was not suggested to me when i reported the same problem, it does work and delete the huge data file while saving the FIT and log files. I did find that I had to be in actual ride ready to ride screen and force close 5 times. Its not a solution as my Ipad still collects a 6GB per hour file so im limited to 1.5 hours constant use.

Good news! Our latest update has the fix for this issue, so download the patch, and you should see those huge files gradually get phased out without more being created.