Any reason to keep fit files locally?

To clean up space on my iPad that I use for Zwifting, is there any reason to keep old, processed fit files that I can download from the web site anyway?

Or do they even take much space - or the logs? I’ve looked at some before and they weren’t huge but not tiny either.

Or is the majority if space consumed just textures and models?

I don’t really see any reason to keep them and even more so if you link to strava data will be recorded there anyway.

Hi @heaths, Thank you for using this space to share your concerns!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I understand your doubts regarding keeping the .fit files on your local documents, I would like to let you know that if you erase them locally, you can be limited in sharing the information of these activities with any other third-party app (as Strava, Garmin, etc.).

Take this into consideration! You can check our public article to get some information regarding the use of the fit files too.

Ride On.

They were shared long ago but now taking up valuable space. Though I have no way to delete them on iOS or iPadOS, which would be nice.

I wonder if that storage would be cleared if you delete Zwift and reinstall.

Also if you have video screenshots enabled on your tablet (A12 CPU or newer) then removing those will probably recover more space than the fit files.

That’s like using a sledgehammer to drive a thumb tack. At this point I’m not worried enough about space but seems a way to delete files is a common request in these forums.

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Sure totally reasonable to want to remove them. Not a common request but good luck anyway.