Control over .fit files

My profile is not working properly, possibly due to the fact a number of corrupt .fit files exist on it just now after the Sunday Fondo Farce.

If you enable the ability for us to delete .fit files or delete selected activities, this may help.


you can delete any ride from the web page. Click the pencil above AVG WATTS and select delete from the pop up menu.

Thanks Steve. Don’t suppose you know of any way to delete the corrupt .fit files too? They’re still sitting there and may be causing issues.

Your local .fit files, on a PC, are in the \Documents\Zwift\Activities folder on your computer.

Zwift has an article here: Can I upload my .fit file/activity to a third-party site?

And ZwiftRiders has an article here: Where is my Zwift data stored?



Thanks Steve.  

I’m using an iPad just now but found the corrupt .fit files on there and deleted them all.  Hopefully that’ll stop the issue of rides with 0 miles from Sunday the 18th from re-appearing on my profile even after I’d deleted them on

Now just need to find a way of re-synching the valid .fit file that remains on the iPad, with my profile on the ZWIFT servers etc. …  not holding my breath on that one though.






At the moment there is no way to upload .fit files to Zwift.


Thanks Paul.

I think someone needs to tell the Zwift Twitter people that too…



You can send them to Zwift support, but there is no guarantee that they can upload them. I have seen conflicting statements from Zwift on this matter.


Twitter Zwift support staff say to send them in for uploading. 

Website Zwift support staff state they can’t upload, with no suggestion that’s it’s even an option.