Deleted my workout

Hi, new on Zwift…

Joined for the first time on a workout group ride. Entered another world first and the, refeições the notification that the workout was about to start. Did the workout and automatacly returned to a new world. Canceled the new Ride and understood that was the mistake. I think i have deleted the entre workout. I ONLY have a printscreen of the workout.

Is it possible to restore ir?

Thank you so much.

What device are you running Zwift on?

You can use this link to get the .fit file and upload it to 3rd parties (Strava, Garmin, TP…):

There is no way to upload .fit files to Zwift.

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Hello Paul, thank you for the reply.

I AM using a MacBook with zwift APP.

You should find the /fit file here:


  1. Go to Documents .
  2. Select Zwift .
  3. Select Activities

You can then upload it to 3rd party sites or software.

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I made it Paul. I found it on my Mac Documents and uploaded to Strava. Is it possible to send it to zwift again?



There is no way to upload .fit files to Zwift.

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Understood!! thank you Paul.

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