iOS Companion App - "Unable to load workout"


(( C)raig) #1

Often I start a group workout, the Companion App comes up with an error ‘Unable load workout’ I then click the ‘X’ and the App seems to think I’m not riding a workout, display as if Im just riding. What should I do?

Happens with both AppleTV and PC.

(Christian) #2

Hi there.

Because this sounds like it may be in relation to an internet connection issue, I’ll include some recommendations below that may help.

1.)If you’re using a 2.4 GHz WiFi network, try switching to a 5 GHz network. Because networks using the 2.4 GHz band are susceptible to interference from devices ranging from microwaves to garage door openers, it’s not very uncommon to see these types of issues using those networks.
2.)Reboot your network hardware.
3.)Close bandwidth intensive programs.
4.)Disable your firewalls.
5.)Bypass faulty network hardware.
6.)Use a wired connection.

Go ahead and give these a try and if you’re consistently seeing issues, we might recommend contacting your internet service provider as this may be an issue resolvable on their end.

I’ve also included some further recommendations that may help outside of network issues.

1.) Ensure you have the latest Zwift updates installed.
2.) Ensure you have the latest software updates installed on your devices.
3.) Perform a fresh install of Zwift/Zwift Companion on all relevant devices.

Give those a try and if the issue still persists, submit a support request and we’ll be happy to help.

Ride On!