Can't log in, check internet connection + Training Peaks will not load

Have zwifted many years with my AppleTV. Wanted to upgrade the feel, purchased mid tier gaming pc. Runs W11, runs other games very smoothly. When I launch Zwift, it attempts to login but has an error that says can’t log in, check internet connection. Internet is fine. The weird thing is, I usually can log in but have to toggle with alt+tab a few times and for whatever reason when I go back to the Zwift screen it is logged in. No idea.

When I am able to log in, I want to load my TrainingPeaks workout. I find it, select where in Zwift I want to ride, and when it attempts to load that world, it freezes. Every time. I can free ride just fine, looks amazing. But I almost exclusively do TP workouts which has me going back to AppleTV where it just works. Looks like garbage, but I’m not spending 35 minutes and late to work trying to problem solve.

Any input is appreciated.