iOS and Partial Rides??

Hello, all my rides in my Zwift feed show as partial rides and 0.0 miles. I have used Zwift twice, both around 20 mile rides. My totals reflect fine, but activity feed is all zeros. Also, One of the two rides failed to upload to strava. What’s up with the partial rides? I’m saving them at the end.

Hi Alex,

Try the search function of this forum. This has been asked a couple of times before.

You can download the .fit files and manually upload them to Strava.

The same thing is happening to me. Infact on two different ios devices. Frustrating.

And the fit files are empty so no point downloading them.


Please see this explanation of the workout files:

You will figure out how to get the .fit files from your iDevice.

This quick vid I made this weekend should help, and is even easier than the other tools:


HOWTO: Synchronize your Zwift iOS data with your PC or Mac

Hi folks, 

I am new to Zwift and have done a few test rides so far but every time I use the iPad Air I am left with a ‘Partial Ride’. I appreciate that there is a complicated way of retrieving the FIT file from the iPad but I cannot be doing this every time I ride! 

Has anyone got to the bottom of this?



This is usually (if not always) caused by an interruption in your connect to the Zwift servers. If possible trying switching your Wifi channel or using a different frequency (2.4Ghz-Lower speed, but better penetration/range or 5Ghz-Faster speed, but lower penetration/range), either will work fine for Zwift.

Doing a restart of your router could also help.


I have tried several test rides now both on the iPad Air and my iPhone 7+ each for 0.1km or so and the problem still persists. There does not appear to be any break in internet connection (I am getting 60Mbps speeds on a fibre connection) so am surprised by your suggestion. 

Are the interruptions you speak about visible when using Zwift?




Your internet speed means little, the connect could still drop. You also need to check the connection from your iPad and iPhone to the wireless router. Another thing that could be causing issues is interference, especially if you using 2.4Ghz or if you are in a very saturated area. 

The issues appears to be on your end since others are not reporting issues (this thread is old).

Your Internet speed, 2.4Ghz wireless interference or network connection stability have absolutely nothing to do with whether you have a partial ride stored on your device or not. You can disconnect your machine/tablet from the network after signing in and ride your entire ride, and not lose a single km.

You won’t have the ability to see other riders, chat or sync back upstream when your ride is complete, but everything (with the exception of login processing and social aspects), is handled client side, including the creation and storing of your ride activity while you’re riding.

It’s VERY likely that the reason you’re getting partial rides is due to some interruption in the Zwift process itself, on your iOS device. If you’re swapping out of Zwift and jumping to another app while you ride, your sensors will be disconnected, Zwift will lose connection to your sensors and Zwift itself will ‘pause’ in the background.

When you swap back to the Zwift app, the sensors should reconnect, and you will be able to continue where you left off. But depending on how long you were “away” in another app, Zwift may have considered that an abandoned ride.

Have you sent Zwift your logs from within the app itself? I have a vid for that too:

Make sure they get your logs and your partial ride activity files. They’ll be able to give you suggestions from there.

Good luck!


I believe he is seeing partial rides on the page, so it would have everything to do with internet, interference and network connectivity. 


Thanks for your assistance.

I am not leaving the app - in fact my test rides are only 0.1km long. I start, ride 100m then save the ride. Everything appears to work (ie. no crashes etc- I see other riders) and nothing appears odd other than when I try and look at my history on the desktop computer and none of the ride information appears (see attached)- in addition Partial Rides do not sync with Strava. 

I have a good (brand new from Talk Talk) router with 60Mbps fibre internet and I am approximately 5m from the router. I just cant see how it is a connectivity issue. 

 Any ideas would be welcomed - I’d love to use Strava but if I can’t analyse the data it is not much use to me.






Your best now is to submit a ticket to Zwift Support:

 Try a longer ride and if you still have the issue submit a ticket.

Hold on a moment, a 100m ride is probably too short to classify, so Zwift will almost certainly mark that as ‘Partial’.

Ignore Strava for the moment, that’s a distraction from solving the underlying problem. What happens when you ride 1km or longer? Does it still show up as partial on your Zwift dashboard?

Partial rides should never sync up to Strava, so that’s not a bug, that’s by design.

If you want to ensure that non-partial rides sync to Strava, just de-auth your Zwift account from Strava and re-authorize, to create a new sync session token auth between Strava and Zwift. Your (non-partial) ride should sync as expected after that.


Hi Folks, 

Just to close this thread out, David (aka setuid) was correct. My problem was that my test rides were all too short to be considered anything but ‘Partial’. Apparently rides need to be over 5km long to be recognised as a normal ride. 

The iPad, iPhone, Wahoo ANT+ dongle and Strava sync all work fine now. 

Thanks all for your help - much appreciated.