After update, Cannot get Strava and getting partial rides on both iOS and PC


I have a new iPhone and new PC and using Zwift.  After the update, the PC just exits Zwift and I don’t see the ride summary.  It also doesn’t upload to Strava.  On my iPhone, I get a partial ride and it doesn’t upload to Strava.

It seems like many users on Facebook are reporting the same issues.  

Please Help!!!

I am also experiencing this with my iPad since the March 30th update, version 1.0.17159.

Expected behavior:

Completing a ride results in a ride saved to Zwift, and uploaded to Strava

Actual behavior:

A ride completes and during the saving process times out. The ride either doesn’t show up in Zwift, or displays as Partial.


I’ve had this happen on both of my rides since the update. The stats are updating with regards to total time, distance, etc but the rides are not. I do not believe this is a connection issue because I am using my iPad in the same location I have all winter and have never run into this issue.

There’s a known bug with the Ride Report not showing up unless you end through the Menu > End Ride button. See our KB article for more info.

As for partial rides, these are always Internet related, and not due to anything changed with the game updates. We’ve included steps for troubleshooting these on the KB as well, so start with those - and open a ticket with us if you need further help. Thanks!