Intervals no longer working


since some days my created intervals in ERG mode no longer working. I use Zwift with a Wahoo Kickr. What happens ? Is it a mistake from last update of Zwift ? 

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I have had this before.

Restarted everything. Power down Kickr and computer and power on all devices again.

Then, when I started Zwift again everything worked fine.

See this post for some detailed information:

Are you running the latest version of Zwift which was released yesterday?

I guess there was an update on 22.11 when I started Zwift at this day.

For example … When I create a 175 Watt interval. It does not hold this power. During this period can go higher with wattage when shift lower gear or higher cadence 

We’re not aware of any bugs introduced to workout mode with the latest patch, so if you’re using ERG mode as intended (remember, you shouldn’t be shifting), it should work properly. If you’re still having problems, I’d recommend contacting Wahoo support to make sure everything is working properly with your KICKR.