ERG Mode does not change resistange between Intervalls, sometimes!


(Thomas Gugler) #1

Zwift and Wahoo Kickr Core (latest sw-updates)
zwift academy semi finals session #2, 2 of 2 intervalls: zwift stays in ERG mode, but stays on 240W and does not increase on 350W ???..after 1 minute when going down to 180W that worked…
With the second interval the same problem in the other way.

Can be a slow PC the problem?

10 of 12 ERG mode wattage changes do work,…2 times zwift does not change anything :frowning:

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Thomas, a few things might be happening:

  • You’re having a pairing issue due to a weak connection between your Kickr and Zwift. You may need to troubleshoot your connection

  • Your Kickr may still be connected to your Wahoo app. Try turning Zwift off, go to your Wahoo app and forget the connection between your Kickr and the app. Then turn Zwift back on an pair your Kickr

If any of these troubleshoots help please let me know!

(Thomas Gugler) #3

sorry, but
i am connected with the PC with ANT+ dongle not with bluetooth
and wahoo app is not runnuing…

and: there is no pairing issue!..pairing works great.
switching the resistance in ERG mode sometimes does not work.

when doing a 30sek HIT (>350W) workout…then thats really really a show stopper :frowning:

(Andre Ganzow) #4

Hello, i have the same problem. My wahoo kickr core is connected with zwift about the laptop. I have also a cadence sensor and a heartrate sensor. All sensor are communicated with ant+. After the sw update i can not cycle in zwift. I have no erg mod and i can not calibrate the spindown function and i can not paired the controllable trainer sensors (bottom line, at the right side).
Sorry for my bad english.

Can you help me please?

Thanks André

(Vincent W.) #5

Hey @Thomas_Gugler @Andre_Ganzow we’re investigating! In the meantime can you all try troubleshooting with our ANT + dropout guide: