Intermittent cadence issues

Since the last update I have experienced some intermittent issues with the wrong cadence reading. The cadence on the Haute Route training session on Friday at times would not drop despite turning the pedals much slower, the watts decreased but not cadence. This happened about 4 times on Friday’s session and then seemingly appeared to correct itself. Bit bad when the whole idea of the session was cadence focused.

Hi @Caroline_Wood

The “intermittent” part of this is concerning. Does it happen during any workout in ERG mode? Or just the Haute Route group workout series specifically? Do you also see inaccurate cadence readings during a free ride in SIM mode? Is there a common denominator in-game?

Hi, it has happened on 2-3 HR training rides but has been ok for the last 2 weeks. The last time it occurred it didn’t show any cadence reading and it kept flashing at me to spin faster