Ingame screenshots using F10 not working since last Zwift update

I am running Zwift on a PC. Since the last update the F10 (take screenshot) does not work any more. I have set the auto upload screenshots to never in the settings. This has always worked before, but now I have to set it to only my shots or Always to get it to work. However when I set it to only my shots or Always Zwift only creates clean screenshots.

Same here on Mac with version 1.0.32268. With the Image Upload setting set to Never we should still be able to take screenshots, I suppose? A workaround would be to take a screenshot with OS native controls, like Cmd + Shift + 3 on Mac or Windows-key + Print Screen (or using the Game Bar application) on Windows. But I would prefer to use the in-game F10 keyboard shortcut. Please fix this.


If set to never F10 does not work. On any of the 2 other settings F10 will work but now only a clean picture is produced. Ride stats can’t be printed either by F10.

Found this in the known bugs section:

I guess we have to wait, in the meantime I am using Fraps to save ingame screanshots.