?Problem with taking screen shots

I’ve usually been able to go to my Zwift file and add the pics taken using the F10 key, but today, none of them showed up. Disappointing, as it included the names/times of the people in the race I did. Is there a problem?


Hi Dale,

I just tested the “F10” screenshot function on my PC and it seems to be working as normal. 

One possibility is that the Zwift game app was not at the forefront of your screen on your MS Windows computer. If you are running Zwift in windowed mode, and if you clicked anywhere on the taskbar, Zwift will still display in full on your screen, however the F10 screenshot function will not work because the taskbar would be taking a higher priority for keyboard commands than the Zwift App. By clicking anywhere on your game screen, Zwift will restore to the forefront and the F10 should work as normal. 

Furthermore, there will be a camera-like flash across your screen in-game each time you press the F10 key, which is a clear and obvious indicator that you’ve captured a screenshot. If you don’t see the flash, then the screenshots are not working. 

Another possibility is that there is a file sync application (ie… GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox) that may be denying Zwift proper access to your Pictures folder in Windows. I would advise checking for any file sync applications that might be impacting the game, and make the appropriate exceptions for the Documents/Zwift folder and the Pictures folder. 

Lastly, you can check and make sure Windows Defender is not causing problems with Zwift. This article from Microsoftexplains how to disable (or turn off) the Controlled Folder access on your Windows Defender Anti-Virus, or you can make an exception in Windows Defender for the Documents/Zwift folder and pictures folder. 

If none of those things help, please submit a support ticket and one of our friendly Zwift customer service colleagues will be more than happy to further assist you. 

I too have a screen shot issue.  I hit a new ftp today and taking a screen shot (click and flash indicators) and nothing in the user\pictures folder.

Interestingly, none of the on screen details have been showing up in a screen shot since 16/07/2018…how do I fix that as nothing shows up under preferences.

Zwift is run as non windowed.

<update> on screen details captured on main PC with Win7 and McAfee AV running.  Will go and test on shed PC running Win 7 and Kaspersky AV…turning off application control seems to restore screen capture with overlay.  Yippee.