not finding the screen shots

(Guillaume Dougados) #1

Took some screen shots today, not finding them in my default folder. Also searched my entire PC for new jpg files, nothing.

(Eric Min) #2

Look in \pictures\zwift.

(Guillaume Dougados) #3

no such folder exist.

(Eric Min) #4

How are you taking the pictures?

(Tim Wyrick WBR (C)) #5

On your computer under programs look up your photo program should be is Zwift file

(Guillaume Dougados) #6

nope. These screen shot never recorded.
I did a created file search with yesterday’s date and nothing came up.

(D W - ltb LMDGD) #7

Zwift folder

(Jim Dockal WBR) #8

I am having the same problem, even created a Zwift folder under Pictures with out results. Everything else with Zwift is working just fine. Anyone have an idea what I should try next? (OK my F10 key is busted, used a mini wireless key board and all is fine, great pics landing in the correct folder.)


(Rob Weitzner ZHR (F)) #9

Same issue with MacBook Air F10 – pictures snapped but nowhere to be found. Pity – I wanted to memorialize the trike. Any suggestions?

(Peter (Oldiesel) Prins) #10

I found them under "users\<username>\My pictures\Zwift.