not finding the screen shots

Took some screen shots today, not finding them in my default folder. Also searched my entire PC for new jpg files, nothing.

Look in \pictures\zwift.

no such folder exist.

How are you taking the pictures?

On your computer under programs look up your photo program should be is Zwift file

nope. These screen shot never recorded.
I did a created file search with yesterday’s date and nothing came up.

Zwift folder

I am having the same problem, even created a Zwift folder under Pictures with out results. Everything else with Zwift is working just fine. Anyone have an idea what I should try next? (OK my F10 key is busted, used a mini wireless key board and all is fine, great pics landing in the correct folder.)


Same issue with MacBook Air F10 – pictures snapped but nowhere to be found. Pity – I wanted to memorialize the trike. Any suggestions?

I found them under "users\<username>\My pictures\Zwift.