Incorrect turning in Watopia

I have just tried to manually ride the hilly route in Watopia. When I came down the hill after the KOM as I went over the bridge, a prompt came up asking if I wanted to go to The Italian Village or Islands, I chose the Italian Village option and turned rigt (which I believe is the islands). So I turned around, went back over the bridge, and then turned again so I was going in the original direction. This time I chose the Island option, and hey presto it took me to the Italian Village.

That is not incorrect turning, but perhaps not the best descriptions for the turns. The first choice (Italian Village to the right/Islands to the left) simply puts you on the quickest path to get to the Italian Village. My guess is that if you go that way you would then also have to choose Italian Village again soon after (options then being Italian Village to the left and Sprint to the right). And if you choose Islands at the first turn you would also get another option soon after with Islands to left and Italian Village to the right. So, you can get to the Italian Village either way, even though that may not be what the turn option is labeled.