Include zeros when paused

Can you add the option to include zeros in the dataset when paused so that the training stress is fully accounted? Thanks.

Net Training Stress is unaffected by included/excluded zeros. You IF - intensity factor - will be affected by whether or not zeros are included, but there’s no impact on the net stress of un-included zeros, which makes sense if you think about it. Zero power introduces zero stress. So whether you have more - or - less zeros won’t make any difference. Stress is introduced by the work that you do, but it’s not reduced by the work that you do not do.

“Burrito” agreement. It depends on the duration of the break verse work since Nominal Power is dependent on “1) the physiological responses to rapid changes in exercise intensity are not instantaneous, but follow a predictable time course, and 2) many critical physiological responses (e.g., glycogen utilization, lactate production, stress hormone levels) are curvilinearly, rather than linearly, related to exercise intensity.” [Training Peaks]; it does make a difference. Whether one take it into account is subjective.

In all situations, though, these are theoretical models with various shortcomings regardless of which assumption you make. 

As you say, it’s subjective as to whether or not you choose to take it into account. But - over the macro-scale, neither ATL nor CTL is likely to be influenced by you pausing a workout to take a pee every now and again. 

You could, were you so inclined, track any possible discrepancy and it’s impact by recording a series of workouts both on a standalone head unit and within Zwift and looking for net differences. 

But I think that you may be looking for a level of precision that is simply not present regardless simply because every model is general rather than specific to you.

So “no” at this time? Thanks for the response.

There’s another feature request to allow people to pause if/when they stop pedaling on a downhill as a way to regroup. I’d group your request in with that one as possible reconsiderations of how we handle what happens when people stop pedaling in general. For now, it’s not something that we can make *optional,* so no. But certainly there’s no reason we wouldn’t reconsider the ways in which pauses in activity are treated in game.