Download - Don't calculate zeros when paused (Elapsed Time)

Hello. I was recommended to ask the developers & Zwift community for this feature. For those us who are using Zwift for real-world race training (versus Zwift virtual world leaderboard status), can I request that we be able to download our data (to training peaks) without calculating zeros during pauses (elapsed time versus moving time)? 

The reason why this is so important = my Ironman coach will set specific power intervals for me to hit. At the end of a long 2-4-6 hour ride, after I work hard to hit those power goals, the elapsed time zeros kill my power data. It’s impossible not to take short breaks for bathroom/refuel/puking during a 4-6 hour ride. In a race, I can pee myself. I can’t do that in my living room. My coach is not a Zwift user and is not happy with seeing Zwift data because the zero averages kill what I truly accomplished. My coach is trying to persuade me to not use the Zwift app when I I am in love with it.

Please Help!

Hi. A workaround for this is you are a Trainingpeaks Premium user is to select the section on the analysis chart in your workout where you stopped and then click the ‘cut’ button.


Awesome find! Thank you. I have been looking for a solution to that for a while.

We’ll work on fixing this, as we do properly pause the clock in the game itself. In the meantime, I’m happy to explain to your coach how to actually understand a power file…

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

Wow I didn’t realize The Jordan Rapp was with Zwift. I’m truly humbled. Thank you for considering this option for some of us out here. Love-Love-Love the program. 

Thanks for the kind words. Thanks so much. Do you follow the release notes? Easiest way to see when we fix this and the fix would be implemented.


I am now a follower. Thank you soooo much.