New guy here, be gentle please

New “Zwifter” here and I’d have to say it really does change indoor workouts.

Using a Wahoo Kickr.

Curious about workouts. If I need to unclip to stretch or adjust and watts go to zero how does this affect ride/workout?

If I can’t quite make the entire workout can I still record the workout or is it just a zero?

Thanks for your patience…


If you stop it pauses the workout in its tracks.

I don’t know about not finishing.

Also: Why would you quit on your workout? You soft son? You some kind of quitter? You going to quit on your wife when it gets tough? On your kids? On life?

Just giving you some tough love motivation. Pretty much the speech I got from my Boot camp drill instructor over 30 years ago.

Seriously don’t worry about quitting - you aren’t going to.


Pause would be a better term. Sometimes a guy just has to adjust

Hi Nick. Welcome to Zwift. If you need to take a break in a workout, hit the pause button. You can find it in the pop up menu at the bottom of your game screen or in the companion app in the workout screen. If you want to skip an interval, hit the fast forward button.

Thanks. That makes sense