In game calibration fails often

When I try to do an in-game calibration (wrench symbol) on my wahoo snap it often fails…pedals very hard to turn to get to 23 mph, and then it coasts down and times out resulting in fail. its been this way for a long time… sometimes no problem…but 50% of the time I have to try repeatedly… you can tell when its going to work because it spins up to speed easily. is it something I’m doing, or a zwift bug? I do not have the wahoo utility running at the same time. I have posted this before, but can’t seem to get an answer… please chime in if you also have the same erratic in-game calibration issue - and a solution if you found one!


Use the Wahoo App to calibrate the trainer.


well, since the feature is in zwift i want to use it. more precisely, my significant other is never going to use another utility to calibrate… so it would be nice to get this working… why sometimes yes and sometimes no…there has to be a reason

I see like three threads a week on this topic. Zwift’s in-game calibration doesn’t work and as far as I know it never has. Zwift should just kill it, remove it from the software, and save everybody some pain.

In fact, it is my understanding that they killed the option on Mac/pc to use Bluetooth spindown because it was too buggy. I’ve had the really hard to pedal thing and the super easy to pedal thing before but I don’t think recently. If it happens does moving somewhere else in game and turning the trainer off and on help?

Thank you… I think you’ve convinced me… I’ll have to write out the procedure for my significant other so she can calibrate using the Wahoo utility…

I have not experienced really hard/really easy to pedal - other than the death spiral in ERG mode. If these are caused by a bad calibration, re-locating or re-starting the trainer won’t help. Re-calibrate the trainer using whatever utility app is available from you trainer’s manufacturer.