Flaky in game calibration

Using wahoo snap trainer. Why does the in game calibration frequently fail? The systems are very difficult pedaling trying to reach 24 mph…then times out on spin down. Sometimes is works on second try. Sometimes I have to exit zwift turn off the trainer and start again… anyone have an explanation? A bug? Anything I can do to make calibration more reliable?

P.s. wahoo firmware up to date, and zwift current too

@David_Kindler last I heard was not to calibrate your trainer via Zwift. Use the manufacturers app to calibrate.

As Daniel said,

It is always better to use the trainer app.

As of the most recent game update, in-game spindown tests have been temporarily been disabled. Results for some trainer brands were good, others not. We’ll bring this feature back when we sync up with our trainer partners to offer accurate results for their machines.

As already noted, please use the manufacturer’s calibration tools for now.

Thanks for the information…I didn’t know Zwift suspended in game cal. Is there some place where they post important info like this?

And, out of curiosity, if one does use the in-game cal and it works, is that value just as good as the trainer spin down value? I’ve been using in game al for at least 2 years… have i been cheating accidentally?

We put them in the release notes for the game update. Those are in the What’s New forum board.

The accuracy of calibration on any app depends on a number of variables, with the dataset that drives the app being very important. Broadly speaking, manufacturers are good about updating the dataset on their own proprietary apps, so that’s why we recommend you use them. We paused this feature so we can refresh every brand’s datasets in our app to ensure results that are on par with the manufacturers’ apps. We appreciate your understanding and patience.