Improved goal progress tracking

(Jim Mattson) #1

Currently, only activities that are terminated by clicking “save and exit” are counted towards weekly/monthly goals. Event warmups (activities terminated by joining an event) and activities that are terminated abnormally (when the Zwift application crashes) are not counted towards weekly/monthly goals, even though they are recorded on the activities dashboard.
It would be nice if all activities recorded on the activities dashboard were counted towards weekly/monthly goals for the appropriate sport.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Jim, thanks for the details! I’ll talk to the QA team to see if this is an intentional function or a minor bug. I’ll update this post when I get that info. :slight_smile:

(Vincent W.) #3


Thank you again for the feature request! Yes, this is how the game reads those activities. Currently they work like this (from our QA team):

  1. If an activity is shorter than 2 km cycling or .5 mile ( I think) of running, the game discards the activity, and it is not counted towards goals. This is true of activities before moving into events, or activities that are too short even if the user chooses to save on exit.
  2. Activities longer than 2km/.5mile before events save and are counted towards goals.
  3. Activities that were interrupted by network issues/crashes leave an autosaved activity file and reading on the user dashboard, but do not count toward goals, as the autosave functionality does not do a complete save, just saves the current activity file at every 10 minutes of moving time.

Thanks for writing in!

(Jim Mattson) #4

I have no complaint with (1). That seems perfectly reasonable.

I don’t believe (2). I had a pre-event ride earlier this month that was 5.5km, but it wasn’t counted towards my goals. See the attached screenshots.

I can’t understand the reasoning behind (3). Okay, so it’s not a complete save, but something is better than nothing, isn’t it? If I’ve ridden 176 km before a crash, but you only have the first 172 km recorded, wouldn’t it be better to credit me 172 km rather than 0?

(Vincent W.) #5

Hey @Jim_Mattson, for (2) in our logs it showed that you crashed on that ride, that’s a partial save, and as such did not apply to your goal unfortunately.

And from our QA department for (3), that feature is not possible with our current code but it is something we’ve been looking at. :slight_smile:

(Jim Mattson) #6

Regarding (2), I beg to differ. The 5.5 km ride wasn’t terminated by a crash. It was terminated when the pre-event timer expired and I was automatically relocated to the event paddock.

Regarding (3), the feature request still stands, even if you actually have to write some code to implement it. :slight_smile: