Problems whith saving progress

Hello togeter many days I have problems with saving my activities. Activities are saved but not workouts, level progress and badges can somebody help me?

Hi @Pietrangelo_Evangeli

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Can you give us a bit more detail like what system you use, how do you save rides, when does it save and when does it fail?


thanks for the timely response I use a PC with Windows 10. I save it by “end ride” as scheduled. Or noticed that when I do the workout the activity is regularly transferred to both Zwift Companion and Strava but the level progress, badges and workout no. I am currently running a training plan and the sistem dont save the workout progress I have to do everything manually to continues the progress

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by manually continue the progress? I see in the companion that you are doing the single track slayer plan, your last ride indicates you completed a route badge. Are you saying that in the Zwift game when you go to the menu and look at the route badges that you are not getting credit for Greater London Loop?


The workouts I save them manually in the lower right button "i did it "

this Workout I did today morning but you can see (screenshot) no saved and yes in the Zwift game I don’t see the progress from the badges (see 2.Screenshot) and every time when I start the level bar advances during the turn but at the next turn the progression is back to the previous one

Hmmmm, you shouldn’t need to do that if you are completing the workout in the game. Are you checking this off before doing the workout, or after you have already completed it?

Something is not working correctly, maybe you should try reinstalling Zwift?


Ok I try to reinstall and let you now the result
Thanks a lot for the help

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I reinstall the game again I do the updates but still the same problem

hello sorry if I insist but reinstalling Zwift was useless for two days Workout did not save me anything (WORKOUT PROGRESS LEVEL AND BADGE) and yesterday’s free ride did not save me progress level and route badge any ideas?
Thanks in forward

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@Paul_Allen what files and folders should be deleted prior to reinstalling to clear out any possible corrupt files?

I would say everything in \documents\zwift but I would make a copy of it first.

Sorry guys but I reinstall the game in another PC also Windows 10