(autosave setting)

Hello guys

Hope everyone is doing great. Im sure this request has been put in. But I dont have much time to browse thru the forums.

Anyway I use zwift with TP constantly for my training. Today all the sudden ZWift crashed no message nothing it simply close during my workout 10 minutes before finish.

Can you set an option/settings for users to save every so often. For example If It was been set to save progress every two minutes most of my workout would off been saved.

My workout was an 1hour I was about 10min to finish and the only had 30mins in it. Better than nothing.

Thanks for your time

The fit file should be saving every 10 minutes. Did you check if a fit file was created with the date and time for the ride? The “” is a live file and even crashes should generate a timestamped fit file

Thanks for the reply. I recovered the activity The stamp doesnt match the approx time I spent on the training. But is something. I wonder if theres a registry key or config I can edit the 10minutes.