Import and sync custom Zwift *.zwo workouts to iOS (iPad)

How to get an Xert or any other custom workout file *.zwo onto Zwift iOS ?

My current method is to save the *.zwo on iCloud under Documents/Zwift/Workouts/xxxxx where xxxxx is your Zwift ID number. But to have that synched and available on any iOS device, I have to first open Zwift on my Mac (I assume also can be done on PC). The latter updates the workouts.files (also on the same iCloud directory) which then seems to sync the workout folder on across all devices so it is available under custom workouts when running Zwift on iPad or iOS.

Not too bad but if anyone knows how to sync using iCloud without having to run Zwift on a Mac do share please?

There’s a Sharing Workouts > iOS > Adding New Workouts from a Mac section on our article here that says you should be able to connect an iOS device to a Mac and transfer the files to the iOS device by placing them in the directory like you currently are then using the following steps to sync them to the device directly

  1. Use the Finder and select the name of your phone from the left-hand side
  2. Select the Files tab
  3. Drag and drop the updated folder under Zwift
  4. Select Sync

Yes but that method requires you to connect your iOS device by wire to your Mac.

My solution is for wireless sync (iOS device not wired to the Mac — eg I leave the iPad in my Zwift room)

Is it possible to upload custom workouts on iPad even if I don’t have a Mac? I tried putting .ZWO files in Documents / Zwift / Workouts / xxxxx as explained, but they don’t show up o Zwift, even after logout/login. Is it because I don’t have the workouts.files file?

Can someone provide me a sample workouts.files? Maybe I can edit it so custom trainings show up.

Grab this one

Plenty of others if you filter for Custom Workouts only